Prayers of the People

Pray that the bombing cease.
Pray that not one drop of innocent blood be spilt.
Pray that the spirits of terrorism, American and Islamic, would have no more power over us.
Pray that this country would repent of its economic and cultural sins against other nations, and would no longer put any faith in political or in military solutions.
And pray that God repent of his silence, turn his face upon us again, and intervene to end this conflict, so that the world might know that there is a God whose ways are not our ways and who is strong to deliver those who trust in him and to frustrate the plans of those who do not, and so that the United States not bring shame upon God’s name by invoking him in this time of trial, nor have any right to take credit for bringing peace to the world.


Steve Pearson in der Whosoevermagazine Mailinglist 8.10.01