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Tagung des Europäischen Forums Christlicher LGBT Gruppen EF in Gdansk (Danzig) 24.-28. Mai 2017

Die Sonne hat auf uns geschienen – anders kann ich fünf intensive, berührende wunderbare Tage nicht in wenigen Worten zusammenfassen. Gleichzeitig und ineinander verwoben fanden die Konferenz des Europäischen Forums und die Woche der Gdansk Equality (Gleichstellung, Ebenbürtigkeit) samt dem Umzug statt. Ein grosses Dankeschön an die Mitglieder von Wiara i Tęcza (Glaube und Regenbogen, die polnische Mitgliedsgruppe des EF), Tolerado (lgbt-Organisation in Gdansk) und die Stadt Gdansk.

Den gesamten Bericht von Irène Schwyn findet Ihr hier: Tagung des Europ Forums Christlicher LGBT 2017

Kurt Marti gestorben

wo chiemte mer hi wenn alli seite wo chiemte mer hi und niemer giengti fur einisch z’luege wohi dass mer chiem we me gieng.

Zyt isch nid zahl nid schtrecki
Zyt isch es löcherbecki
Wo scho nach churzem ufenthalt
Dr mönsch z’dürab i d’unzyt fallt.

Gestern Samstag starb der Schriftsteller und Pfarrer Kurt Marti 96-jährig.  Er ist auch auf unserer Website mit Gedichten und Gedanken vertreten.

Ich habe zwei Nachrufe gefunden: Im Tagesanzeiger von Res Strehle und bei von Felix Schneider.

EuroForum 2017 Conference, Gdansk Registration Open

Dear friends,

We are happy to finally open the registration for the EuroForum 2017 Conference that will take place in Gdansk, Poland, on 24-28 May. The title of this year’s conference is „Forwards in Solidarity.“ This event that will take place in the cradle of Polish Solidarność trade union and Central/Eastern European democratic changes will allow us to re-discover what this well-known and somehow dusty word means for us as a movement, for our groups, and for us individually as LGBT Christians. Even though looking at the world around us today makes one certain that solidarity is still a challenge and ‚work-in-progress,‘ it is our choice to continue to believe in the power of this, in fact, truly Christian value.

And just to give you a taste of what it will be like in Gdansk in May 2017, let us mention several aspects and ways solidarity will be present at our conference (along with our usual workshops and AGM).

  • In the times of increasing attention to and awareness of the intersectionality challenge for the work of our movement, we will be delighted to have our friends and allies from partnering organisations present at our conference!
  • The conference itself will be hosted jointly by European Forum member group Wiara i Tęcza (Faith and Rainbow) and Tolerado, a secular LGBT organisation from Gdansk.
  • As a sign of solidarity with the LGBT people of faith, Gdansk Equality Week 2017 is focused on the issues of spirituality. So first half of our Saturday programme will take the shape of a public conference with workshops and a panel discussion at the magnificent European… Solidarity Centre!
  • As a sign of visible and active solidarity with the whole LGBT movement we will take part in Gdansk Equality March on Saturday, 27 May (that’s why, unlike in the usual order of business at our conferences, our AGM will take place on Friday!).
  • Almost every day during the conference we will have a chance to get to know the history of queer Gdansk. Believe it or not, but Solidarność movement history has its rainbow pages, and walking tours around LGBT Gdansk will allow us to locate those places and personalities on the map of that beautiful city.
  • Since this year, when the world celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Kirchentag events in Germany will take place the very same week as our conference, some of us will have to make the difficult decision to split our time between the two events and arrive to Gdansk just for the weekend (see so-called Kirchentag options A/B in the registration form below). Though this is not an ideal solution, we intend to see it as an opportunity to express our fellowship and stand together with our friends, supporting each other and celebrating each other.
  • And last but not the least, our unceasing way of expressing solidarity is the Forum Agape Fund. At this conference that takes place so close to eastern borders of Europe, we aim to bring in as many participants from underprivileged contexts and groups as we can. And for this we need your generous contributions. Even a very small donation is a sign of solidarity put into practice!

And while we are looking forward to welcoming you in Gdansk this May, please proceed to the registration form:

On behalf of the Organising Team and the Board of the European Forum,

Misha Cherniak