The Celluloid Closet

Homosexuality in the Movies


When Vito Russo published the first edition of The Celluloid Closet in 1981, there was little question that it was a groundbreaking book. Today it is still one of the most informative and provocative books written about gay people and popular culture. By examining the images of homosexuality and gender variance in Hollywood films from the 1920s to the present, Russo traced a history not only of how gay men and lesbians had been erased or demonized in movies but in all of American culture as well. Chronicling the depictions of gay people such as the “sissy” roles of Edward Everett Horton and Franklin Pangborn in 1930s comedies or predatory lesbians in 1950s dramas (see Lauren Bacall in Young Man with a Horn and Barbara Stanwyck in Walk on the Wild Side), Russo details how homophobic stereotypes have both reflected and perpetrated the oppression of gay people. In the revised edition, published a year before his death in 1990, Russo added information on the new wave of independent and gay-produced films–The Times of Harvey Milk, Desert Hearts, Buddies–that emerged during the 1980s. –Michael Bronski
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Das Buch wurde verfilmt als The Celluloid Closet – Gefangen in der Traumfabrik

Titel: The Celluloid Closet
Homosexuality in the Movies
Autor_In: Vito Russo
Genre: Englische Bücher
Verlag: Perennial (HarperCollins) 1987
Format: Taschenbuch 384 Seiten
ISBN: 0-060961-32-5